dimanche 31 décembre 2006

Hello from Albin Johnson

Hello French Garrison from sunny California !!!!

We are training very very hard, and looking good for the big parade.

Uncle George paid us a visit today and he was very proud of the 501st Legion.

Romain is in my squad and we think we are the best of the whole group (even though we do have a british drill instructor), I hope all is well in the French Garrison and I hope to come visit you all one day soon.

Happy new year 2007 and "Vive la French Garrison" !

Albin Johnson, TK210

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À 31 décembre 2006 à 19:18 , Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

Bonne année à tous les troopers !!!

Happy new year to everyone over there in Pasadena !
May the Force be with you all tomorrow !


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